Filipe Cabeçadas is one individual and others simultaneously: writer, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Faro, Algarve, Portugal. He has been in loads of bands, great in their time and achievements. It all starts by 97 by pure rebellion and issues in social interaction.
Studying in the Conservatory of Music whilst putting together the first band Mindlock, he writes about rebellion and nonconformity with the sound of Metal in the background.

He joined independent rock bands around Algarve, releases records and learns the cover bar band way of living as well, whilst working as a freelancer with multiple artists. Years pass, friendships grow, journeys and lives that blend in a carefree, although alert, way of being.

The humble look but with a critic approach of the times. In November 018, the first full lenght solo record “20.1” is out!


About “20.1”

“20.1” is Filipe´s debut album. 20 is a celebration number which comprises all the adventures and experiences through out his musical path. The number 1 goes to define a new time within those 20 years – a new approach, a new challenge.

“I have tried to compile these twenty years in my favourite sound structure: songs. With those in mind, I knew I had something to say, ghosts to face, values to write about and XXI Century reflexions which go round and round in our present day. I don´t want approval or aknowledgment but to seek the Truth in myself through the process of writting music.” – Filipe Cabeçadas

Album Credits

All Music & Lyrics: Filipe Cabeçadas

Production: Filipe Cabeçadas

Recorded & Mixed by Rui Santos (Boxer Studios, S.B.Alportel) & Francisco Aragão (Mentecapta Prod. Audio, Faro)

Mastering: CharlieBeats @ Groundzero Studio, Lisbon

Guest Musicians: Daniel Kemish, Francisco Aragão, Diogo Piçarra, Nuno Campos, João Ruano, Vítor Bacalhau, Tércio Freire, Rui Santos, Vyara Tultukova, Kiril Hristov, Stoimen Peev.

A product of Filipe Cabeçadas. Non-profit intentions. All Rights Reserved S.P.A. 2018



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